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Burgh House Limited is pleased to offer a variety of training and development services to its clients. Whatever your business need, please talk to us. Please contact us for a free and confidential initial discussion of your needs, with no obligation.

The service descriptions indexed below will introduce you to some of the training and development we have already provided for clients.

What we do: In brief, Burgh House Training & Development helps organisations, including government departments, private sector businesses and others, to design and deliver effective training & development programmes that improve staff performance and confidence in their work, including management training, business training and work-related personal development training and coaching. Please explore this website to learn more. If you have any questions or wish to discuss how we can help you please contact us.

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Click for: Training Programme Design • Keeping your people up to date [Burgh House Training & Development:Service Descriptions]

Training Programme Design

Keeping your people up to date

Click for: Training Programme Delivery • What you need to know . . . [Burgh House Training & Development:Service Descriptions]

Training Programme Delivery

What you need to know . . .

Click for: Personal Coaching for Business • It’s not just for athletes… [Burgh House Training & Development:Service Descriptions]

Personal Coaching for Business

It’s not just for athletes…

Click for: Just imagine… What can we do for you? • Training solutions to meet your needs [Burgh House Training & Development:Service Descriptions]

Just imagine… What can we do for you?

Training solutions to meet your needs


Other Burgh House Services

Learn more about our other Burgh House services on the Click for: • Burgh House • opens in a new window or tab [Burgh House Training & Development:Service Descriptions]Burgh House website.

Just imagine…Burgh House Training & Development [Burgh House Training & Development:Service Descriptions] 

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