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Training Information


Training Course Catalogue

Training courses we have available for immediate delivery, and others that are in development

If you don’t see the course you need contact us to discuss how we can help

“How To . . .” guides


Selling your Skills

How to present yourself and your business

(Prepared by BlankBurgh House for the Chamber Of Commerce.)


Choosing a legal form for your business

Limited company? Sole trader? Partnership? Our guide explains the options.

(This topic is discussed further in our ‘Basic Business Skills’ training)


Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

How to protect yourself and your business

(Presentation dellivered by BlankBurgh House for the Government of St Helena.)

Published Articles


How to win in business

Blank John Turner explains that leaders, managers and other business people worldwide profit from personal coaching; and St Helena could gain benefit from it too.

Published in the St Helena Independent, 31st October 2008


Are There Leaders on St Helena?

In his/her letters to the Independent the ‘London Reader’ has intimated that St Helena lacks good leadership. Blank Catherine Turner asks whether this is really the case

Published in the St Helena Independent, 13th April 2007



CV: Catherine Turner

Curriculum Vitae for Catherine Turner, Director and co-founder


CV: John Turner

Curriculum Vitae for John Turner, Director and co-founder



Training Course Feedback Form

We aim to provide Gold Standard training - please help us with your feedback

(Please print & complete the form then route it back to us as indicated)

Fun Stuff


Assess your manager!

What type of manager do you have?

A few easy questions to learn about his or her management theory. Requires Microsoft Excel 2003™ or compatible product (maybe Open Office…)


Becoming Customer Focused

Watch a traditional organisation structure become customer-focussed, right before your eyes!

For more see our course description Building Customer-Centred Organisations

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